City Meet Psych Sheet, Meet Info and other tidbits

    Hi Shark families,

    So the dual meets have concluded, and City Meet is just around the corner! Ok...it is in 3 days!!! City Meet is always so much fun for all of the kids, and a great time for the adults as well. There will be lots of communications coming at you this week. We want everyone to have a great experience! So, if your family is attending City Meet this year then keep reading. If you are not attending, you can skip this email.

    First off, please remember that our #1 goal is to have FUN! This is the big meet where your child gets to "show off" what all they have accomplished in the last 6 crazy weeks. They have worked hard, and each of you should be super proud of your swimmers! And the number one thing that your swimmers need to hear from you is, "I'm so proud of you, and I love cheering you on!"

    Because this meet is so large it can be intimidating at first to both the swimmer and the parents. Please make sure that you are reading all of the communications that come your way. The more you know, the less intimidating it will be.

    Here are the big points:

    1. Have FUN!

    2. The meet will be held at Baylor School's Natatorium (indoor pool with spectator seating).

    3. There will be a "crash" area located inside the field house that is perpendicular to the pool. You AND your swimmer need to sit here in the STH Sharks area. (More on this in a later email.) You can easily move in and out of the crash area to the bleachers to watch your swimmer, and you can hear all announcements in the field house. (In past years, we have been allowed into the crash zone the evening before to set up, and we will let you know if that is the case this season.)

    4. You may NOT go onto the pool deck. Only swimmers, Baylor Swim Club volunteers and STH parents who volunteered to time are allowed on the pool deck.

    5. There will be a Clerk of Course for all 10&unders. You will deliver your child to the diving well end of the pool via the pool deck door located in the lobby of the natatorium. The Clerk of Course workers will get your child in the correct event, heat and lane.  

    6. 10&U parents: Please write your child's name and age on their right shoulder blade with Sharpie and mark their arms with their events.

    7. Heat sheets will be sold at the venue for this meet. It will not be on SwimTopia. (Those of you who purchased the upgrade for SwimTopia for the season: This is your reminder to cancel your upgrade.)

    8. Before you leave from your session, please check to see if your child should return for finals. (Top 18 come back; top 16 swim + 2 alternates. Yes, alternates should always return, because there is always a chance they could swim.)

    9. There will be a concessions, however it is best to bring a cooler of drinks and healthy snacks for you and your swimmer. For those of you that have 10&U and 11&olders, you will be there all day, so make sure to pack lunch and snacks.

    10. The year-round, USA Club Teams will have booths set up where you will be able to talk to some of the coaches and find out more info on the programs. We have MANY year-round swimmers on our team, and those kids and parents are also more than happy to discuss their experiences with you.

    So, now that you have some awesome tidbits about City Meet, let's start with some of the technical stuff. I have attached the 2019 CASL City Meet Info to this email. Please take a second to look over it, as it will answer many questions. This is the blanket info that is sent out to all of the teams in the league. There will be more specific info coming.

    Also attached is the psych sheet. A psych sheet does not have heat or lane assignments. Rather, it lists the swimmer's seed times and how they are seeded compared to other swimmers in a particular event. This does not mean this is how they will finish. This is just an indicator of where they sit coming into this meet. Also remember that these times were from a few weeks ago. They are not the most up to date times because year-round programs and CASL use different scoring systems, which means that times are not shared info on the daily. Do not worry if your child has an NT in an event. This means 'No Time' and is an indication that there wasn't a time for the swimmer at the time of entry. Also, if your chid was a late entry, you will not find them on the psych sheet. They will be found, however, on the heat sheet.

    More info will be coming, so stay tuned! Also, there is a fun post on the facebook page with photos of past City Meets. 

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